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About Alsmaniac: known as Allie,AL, Alicia, Anastasia, Alice or Heather headgehog Belineangelofdeath = one of the few remaining awsome mods. dirty mind tut tut tut. Laur1813 = complete noob but full of so much win. Sorry for the 20 bans. captain mayhem = generally funny guy heathah = shes calling me alice nuth said KrazzyKat = woo indie army ty for kat world =) *h* kat just likes bein bitten :P Simplyrahma: First person I went to meet. Massive hate for leaflets. Jaymilly = very fun slightly hyper visiblezalatus: were sick buddys DLM1:he is in my religion number 1 adventure classes: ALSmaniac: the stealthy and hansome archer Heathah: the mage/wizard fear the wand KrrazyKat: the kat burglering rougue rhcp4life: the chilli giving healer loopylou121: holy paladin with brain damage jmthewolf: the wolfy beast master captain mayhem: the ginger bearded shaman my religion: ALSmaniac: God/Goddess DLM1: my first and number 1 diciple Fappalona: holy prophet and 2nd diciple Pazasco: ALSmaniacs slaveboy (not gay at all) JMtheWolf: Second slave boy Jaspergriffin: desighner hey a god needs style Krazzykat: 3rd diciple BluSakura/Gabbyella: 4th diciple Pieboy465: 5th deciple Aliaysleigh: 6th deciple lazergunpewpewpew: 7th deciple meggles: 8th deciple Berrea: 9th deciple Theshizknitt: 10th deciple temporaryname3: 11th deciple brownie: first anon follower honorary deciple Abdomination: loyal follower